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The New “Motown” explores music, artists and local music culture in the Morgantown area. Readers will gain better insight on local venues and artists, as well as discover new and old aspect of Morgantown music culture. The New “Motown” implies an eclectic sense of artistry, which is exactly what we believe Morgantown offers to its diverse population of music fans.

About the authors


My name is Jade Artherhults and I am a 22-year-old journalism student at the Reed College of Media at WVU. I’m originally from Parkersburg, West Virginia, where I developed a strong passion for journalism at a young age.

When I’m not in class, I can usually be found hanging out at U92, WVU’s award-winning radio station. I recently became the Golden Road Director at U92 which is very exciting because I have loved jam bands since I was a wee child. When I am not busy with the station, I can be found at 123 Pleasant St. supporting local acts. I have always been very passionate about music so being able to find a career the combines both music and journalism is something very important to me. My personal blog can be found here and I am on Twitter at @jadenarth.


*Picture coming soon!*

My name is Caitlin Worrell and I am a senior in the WVU Reed College of Media. As a Strategic Communications major, I am passionate about all aspect of media. I gain much of my inspiration through my favorite creative outlet – music. Like much of my personality, my genre preference spans across the musical spectrum.

I hope to become more immersed in Morgantown’s unique arts and entertainment culture through investigative research and one-on one interviews. I’m particularly intrigued by Morgantown’s historic music scene and the evolution of the town’s eclectic venues.

I am Corey William McDonald. I was born in Montclair, New Jersey and was then raised in Bloomingdale, New Jersey where I lived out my childhood. My father is a professional jazz musician and my mother is a licensed psychologist.

I am currently a senior at West Virginia University and will be graduating in May of 2016. I aspire to travel the world, write about my experiences, and try to publish the most truthful news I can about world events. But in the meantime, I’ll be diving into the music scene here in Motown.



My name is Molly Shadle, and I am a 21-year-old undergraduate student at West Virginia University majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Spanish. I was born Morgantown, West Virginia and have always felt a strong connection with the University… I guess you could say I was raised Mountaineer at heart.

In my spare time, I enjoy trying new foods, spending time with friends and family, and “studying” for my wines exams. Music is also something I am very passionate about; I have spent many years (and paychecks) travelling to see musicians across the country because of the camaraderie, positivity, and expression involved in the community. I am excited to be able to share all of that with you through my posts on this blog.

I am Preston Lilly; I am a senior in the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. I am a proud member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. I am very passionate about music, and there is nothing I like more than going to a great show. My favorite activities include going to music festivals, attending any concert, or listening to music while playing video games.

I am in love with music, and will attend almost any live concert that is in my area. I am fortunate to have been to countless shows. Many of them being shows I never would have imagined getting to go to. That is a big reason why I love music so much, because even when you are set in your ways of who your favorite musician is you can see an unknown band and your opinion is completely changed.

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