What do the students want?

By: Preston Lilly

Here at Morgantown we have all sorts of concerts covering a very wide variety of bands, but what do students want to see more of? We also wanted to know where they would like to see more concerts as well?


At all of the different venues that we have here in town almost every different type of music is played. From hard dubstep such as Flux Pavilion and Borgore, to rap such as Waka Flaka Flame and Riffraff. It does’t stop there either, there is another side of the spectrum. Like jam bands like Lotus or Pigeons Playing Pingpong, to bluegrass artists such as Cabinet and The Jeff Austin Band. This brings us back to our questions what do we want to see more of and where?

To find out the answer to this question we interviewed several students from Sophomores to Seniors. Not very surprising there were several different answers that we received. There was however one genre of music that overpowered the others by a little bit. We interviewed a total of seven students from around the campus. Three of the students wanted some form of EDM. Two wanted different forms of rap. While two of them wanted different varieties of rock music.

Elliot Chiartas (Senior) wants to see more current hip-hop music. Specifically rappers such as Meek Mills, or Kendrick Lamar. When asked why he felt this way his response was “there is just to much EDM and we need to mix things up a little more around here”. If he got a choice as to where these people would play he would like it to be at MainStage. He just says this is his favorite venue on campus so that’s where he would like to see his favorite bands.

There was one other person who wanted to see more hip-hop around campus. Noah Hackman (Junior) but he did not want the new style of rap. He wants people such as Snoop Dogg to return to Morgantown. He got to see him one other time in Morgantown at the Coliseum, but he wants him to come back. He also commented that if Snoop or someone along those lines were to come a show on the green at the mountain lair would be the best spot.

Others wanted music that was not rap though, Like Ryan Nash (Senior) for instance. He hopes to see any typeof soft rock come to Morgantown. He said “soft rock would be great if it came sometime soon so we could enjoy it in this great weather”. He too would love it if a band of this genre would preform on the green, so it could be outside in the beautiful weather we have been having.

There was one other person who wanted more rock music Drew Mcmilon (Junior), but he requested more jam bands like Phish or Lotus. He commented “I feel like there is a good growing fan base in town and any show would get a good crowd”. If he had a say in where they would preform it would be MainStage. He thinks this venue is one of the best things to happen to Morgantown, and loves attending concerts there.

Now we move into the crowd favorite EDM. While there are many different types most people accept what they can get. People like Michael Buchler (Sophomore ) want to see more electro indie come to Morgantown. This is artists like Cherub  bands that use real instruments while also mixing in EDM aspects. He wants them to come because “they are a really impressive performance because they actually play instruments”. He wishes more bands along these lines would perform at Bar 123 though, he just really enjoys the setup and wishes more bands like that played there.

Garret Warner (Junior) was another person who wanted more EDM music. He on the other hand wants hard dub or trap music such as flosstradamus or Excision. He says ” I want bands like this because you need crazy hard music to really be able to wile out”. Garret is another person who would love to see more of his favorite genre of band at MainStage. He just says he loves the venue and can’t get enough of it.

The last person we talked to was also on the side EDM her name was Jessica Arvon (Sophomore). She wants the same types of bands that Garret Warner did hard dubstep/trap music. She likes these bands “because there are no words and many of the artists play similar songs, so even if you don’t know the artist you can still dance and have a great time”. Like many others above she would love bands to go to MainStage, she just enjoys the space the have and love how it’s a pretty wide dance area.

Sadly these interviews did not give us a definitive answer as to what students want to see more. That is only because every student is so different. What one person loves and can’t get enough of maybe the person next to them doesn’t want that at all. So from what we have found out I think the types of shows we currently have is great. It is a solid mix of all genres to keep everyone happy. The only thing I could really suggest would be to just have more shows. You can never disappoint with a good live band.




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