Building a Brand: Andrew White Gets Candid on Guitars

From a small town storefront on High St. to the stages of the biggest arenas in the world, Andrew White Guitars strum far beyond the Mountain State.

The mastermind and hand-crafter himself, has always been fueled by music. Although it wasn’t until a trip to Spain during his college years that he truly fell into his passion for crafting sweet sounding instruments.

Andrew White
Andrew White, American luthier and designer

“I was on a study abroad trip and I wanted to purchase a guitar while I was in Spain,” explains White. “I went in to buy the guitar, but I told the guy I would only buy it if he allowed me to view the shop where it was made. I just kind of in a light bulb moment decide to build a guitar.”

His hobby soon turned into a career with the help of a statewide business competition. After winning the competition in 2005, White acquired his storefront on High St to start building a brand. Though it’s location is rather hidden at the end of a busy downtown corridor, there is something about White’s intricate designs on display that make his shop so tempting.

A guitar is crafted in Andrew White’s shop.

“We build all acoustic guitars and they’re all original designs,” said White of his unique designs. “We do both custom, made-to-order guitars and I have a line of production instruments that are built at our factory.”

White, now a revered luthier known throughout the world, offers four main collections to his customers. The Luthier’s Collection, Deckers Creek Series, Signature Series, and Production Series aims to cater to a wide range of musicians and styles, keeping White’s reach as diverse as his designs.

Andrew White’s guitars are available across the globe.

White’s gift has given him the opportunity to work with countless talented artists throughout his esteemed career. James Valentine, the guitarist for pop group Maroon 5 plays a Model F from White’s Signature Series. Bluegrass acts Yonder Mountain String Band and Keller Williams are known to strum Andrew White designs. Even local acts such as Larry Keel look to White to design their precious instruments.

For White, the experience is more than just a job – It’s a pleasure.

“Everybody loves guitar music and I get to help guitar players become better guitar players by just giving them high-quality instruments,” White admits.

White admits to numerous challenges when owning your own business, especially in a small community like Morgantown. However, hard work and creativity are the recipe for success for this established artist. His nearly two decades of guitar building experience has taught him a few things that he encourages other’s to take with them when pursuing their music ventures.

“The trick is to find your niche and stick with it,” White confides. “That’s the trick to developing a brand. Find your niche and then as soon as your satisfied that that’s who you are and what you want to be, push that and stick with it. It takes time.”

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4 thoughts on “Building a Brand: Andrew White Gets Candid on Guitars”

  1. I’m glad you decided to do a post on Andrew White for this week! I’ve heard very few things about him, and after reading this story, I’m fascinated by this guy. He’s gone from being a small town business owner to a guitar maker all across the globe. His story is a prime example of following your dreams until you reach your goals. He took his passion for crafting instruments and worked (and continues to work) to reach his dreams and goals. It’s so cool that the guitarist Maroon 5 plays a Model F from White’s Signature Series and other artists also own his guitars. That is just so cool and his whole craft is amazing. He is also not just someone who goes to work and see his “job” as unenjoyable. His job is his passion and is something that he loves doing everyday. That’s something that we should all strive for! I hope to maybe visit his place one day and see some of the gorgeous hand-crafted guitars he has made in person.


  2. I think it’s really cool how White’s gone from being a local store owner and guitar-maker to someone whose guitars are known and played throughout the world. That’s an instantly appealing story angle – the local guy who made it big. It’s really cool that you got this interview with him. I wonder how difficult the process is to make a high-quality guitar, and how his guitars differ from others.


  3. Love the story. People who have a craft are an ever increasing minority. White is rare breed who has developed a hobby into an livelihood and an art. It is great to see a Morgantown, WV native doing well.


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